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Dear Customers,


     I would like to introduce our familiar little veterinary praxis, near by Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Budakalász is a small town, and easily accessible by train ( HÉV, H5 line from Batthyány Squre).

We are about 30 minutes from Bridge Árpád by car.

Adress: Budakalász, 2011 Budai street 103.


      We have a large parking area in the court, a customer's toilet in the waiting room, and toys for our customer’s kids..

    Our praxis has been established at 2006, we love this small town, and our bigger or smaller furry patients.

Primary we work with dogs, and cats. We can manage the vaccinations, anti-parasitic treatments, laboratory examinations, ultrasound examinations, surgeries (with isoflurane gas anaesthesia), safe laser lamp treatments, etc.

    If you would like to visit us, you can easily book an appointment at the menu (időpontfoglalás) with your cell phone number, and email address.


See you soon!

Green Belt Veterinary Clinic

2011 Budakalász, Budai út 103.

phone: +36303830246, 0626-341-562

dr.Victoria Kassay                                                                                                               

Veterinarian ( 1994-1999, summa cum laude)                                                                

small animal specialist (2011-2013, summa cum laude)

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